27 January 2010

Day 26/365: Hidden Sunrise

 I took this picture on the way to work this morning. I love how the sun was right outside of the scene and casting a gorgeous light on the clouds and the lake. Unfortunately the picture is blurred because I was driving but I actually love the effect that it made.  It almost made the ugly orange pylon disappear....almost.

What I love about this photograph: The color of the clouds are so...i don't know the word...but only God can create that.
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 48.0mm; 1/40; f/5.6; ISO 400


AmyBean said...

I LOVE the colors. Of course *I* love the colors. :) This is just lovely.

Daniel Antunes said...

Great colours! Very nice photo.

Johnny Nutcase said...

really cool shot, Samantha! I think the blurry effect works quite nicely with the soft colors. Good stuff!


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