11 January 2010

Day 11: Forgotten Soldier (Old Resident)

Since I live within 500 feet of a graveyard, I've decided to start a Cemetery Series. That really was not my intention when I was doing today's photowalk, (I was hoping to catch a couple of bluejays playing amongst the oak trees) but the flag sticking up from his grave caught my eye. He was a Sergeant in the Army. He died in 1994...he was only 37 years old. I looked around and so many other graves caught my attention as well. I promised them that I would come back and visit them...old residents and new.

What I love about this photograph: Knowing that he's truly not forgotten....someone will visit on his birthday or Father's Day...if not, I will.

Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 24.0mm; 1/60s; f/4.0; ISO 400

1 comment:

MangyCat said...

So many meanings and messages in this one. Nicely done.


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