12 January 2010

Day 12/365: Not "Thrill"ed about My Camera

Meet Thrill. Thrill is a horse. Thrill is a horse that lives in my mom's backyard but belongs to my cousin. Thrill does not like my camera. Thrill sometimes runs when he sees my camera but comes to talk to me when I put it behind my back. Thrill will have to learn to like my camera because I'm sure he will be the subject of many more pictures this year. See ya later, Thrill.

What I love about this photograph: The way he's looking at me...hating the camera, but loving my company.

Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 55.0mm; 1/30s; f/5.6; ISO 720

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You got me worried for a while. You were away for a while.

Love Trill, maybe he's jealous of the camera.


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