31 January 2010

Day 31/365: January's Best in Show

Yet another picture on the backroads. I feel this is the perfect picture to end the month of January on because it happens to be my favorite picture of this month. I hope that everyone has enjoyed the first month of our Project 365 as much as I have.

Things I have learned:
  1. Bokeh is king!
  2. I love nature and wildlife and will pursue more of this type of photography.
  3. I can not post every night and will instead post once or twice during the week.
  4. I can't take night photos and need lots of practice and advice on this subject.
  5. Not every picture is perfect!
  6. I love hand-painting/select colorization.
  7. Inspiration is everywhere so this Project 365 will be a breeze.
  8. Blah, blah, blah...*just checking to see if you guys were reading :)
What I love about this photograph: How the trees are lined up so perfectly and complement the fence.
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 38.0mm; 1/200s; f/7.1; ISO 200

30 January 2010

Day 30/365: Lone Horse

We found this beautiful horse along the backroads again. I thought this was such a beautiful scene.

What I love about this photograph: The horse stopped eating to pose for the picture!
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 55.0mm; 1/250s; f/9.0; ISO 200

29 January 2010

Day 29/365: Pecan Orchard During the Off Season

 This is a photograph of a pecan orchard not too far from my mom's house. The trees always look so sad to me during their off season. I can't wait to photograph it again when they are full of pecans.

What I love about this photograph: The end of the orchard looks like a cave....and we all know what happens in caves...LOL
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 40.0mm; 1/125s; f/5.6; ISO 250

28 January 2010

Day 28/365: Moon and Steeple -- A Conversation

 I've been wanting to take a picture of my church at night....decided to play with the ISO a little.

What I love about this photograph: Love the grainy feel/look and how moon and steeple seem to be having a conversation

Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 32.0mm; 1/60s; f/4.5; ISO 1600

27 January 2010

Day 27/365: Tractor and Cotton

We found this tractor along the backroads of Grady County, Georgia....between Calvary and Whigham.

I loved the ride along this road and found a lot of things to photograph. I plan to go back again during the week. I also entered this picture in the DP Review Challenge "Farming Life". I'll let you guys know what place it comes in....if it's in the top 25...LOL.

What I love about this photograph: The tractor looks as if it owns the field.

Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 55.0mm; 1/125s; f/5.6; ISO 200

Day 26/365: Hidden Sunrise

 I took this picture on the way to work this morning. I love how the sun was right outside of the scene and casting a gorgeous light on the clouds and the lake. Unfortunately the picture is blurred because I was driving but I actually love the effect that it made.  It almost made the ugly orange pylon disappear....almost.

What I love about this photograph: The color of the clouds are so...i don't know the word...but only God can create that.
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 48.0mm; 1/40; f/5.6; ISO 400

26 January 2010

Day 25/365: Regal

 I am sure this house was great in its time because the energy truly radiated from the house. At first I took the picture from the road, wanting to capture the lake on the left and the trees on the right. Somehow it called me in for closer inspection.

What I love about this photograph: Through the front door window, you can see the woods in the backyard!
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 30.0mm; 1/80s; f/4.5; ISO 400

25 January 2010

Day 24/365: Bird in the Sky

Yep, I see a bird in this cloud formation...a bird swooping down. What do you see?

What I love about this photograph: The movement and formation of the cloud and also the beautiful color of the sky. SOOC...only added my logo.
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 18.0mm; 1/320s; f/9.0; ISO 200

24 January 2010

Day 23/365: Stopping by the Woods on a Rainy Day

 I couldn't resist taking this picture...trees, rain, nature...what else is there? :)

What I love about this photograph: The contrast between the wet and dry portions of the trees.
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 38.0mm; 1/60s; f/5.0; ISO 400

23 January 2010

Day 22/365: Darkening Rose

 This is a single rose that my mom got for her birthday. I love the look of it today...a little darkening...but still serves its purpose. Unfortunately, the bokeh is a little distracting.

What I love about this photograph:The curls and curves of the rose.
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 46.0mm; 1/60s; f/5.3; ISO 1600

21 January 2010

Day 21/365: Bokeh Ball

One of the upcoming DP Review Challenges is "Trapped in your Bathroom". I have no intention on entering the challenge because there is really nothing interesting in my bathroom but the challenge did make me decide to take a photograph of something in my bathroom. This is a photograph of a glass dish filled with potpourri. Of course it's Bokeh Thursday and I'm kinda digging this bokeh.

What I love about this photograph: The colors and the fact that it's gorgeous without any post processing. SOOC (I only added my logo)
Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 42.0mm; 1/60s; f/5.3; ISO 250

Day 20/365: Sketching Hands

Today's my mom's 54th birthday! She hates pictures of herself but loves her hands/fingernails. So I wanted a picture of her today and I knew she would just frown up at me in sigh "Samantha" in a way that only she can. Just to prove how much I know her, I asked her to pose for a picture and in true form, she responded exactly as I said she would. So I asked for just the hands and she agreed. Yep, I reeled her in!. I then decided add my favorite sketch of hers.  After about five or six pictures and an "Are you through yet?" which I knew really meant, "If you're not through, I don't care and I'm going to bed anyway", this is what I ended up with.  Thanks Ma for being a good sport and you rock in my book. Now about that nursing home...

What I love about this photograph: Knowing that when she's in the nursing home and I'm too busy to visit, I can just look at this picture :)

Technical Stuff: Nikon D40; 55.0mm; 1/60s; f/5.6; ISO 400


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